What is the difference between Visual sclerotherapy and Duplex-Guided sclerotherapy?

Dr. Warren has been in private practice doing phlebology since 1999. Phlebology is the branch of medicine that deals with the care of vein disease. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology and is located in Palm Desert between El Paseo and Deep Canyon on the south side of Highway 111. She has performed thousands of minimally invasive vein procedures and has been a trainer of other physicians in all aspects of these procedures.

Visual sclerotherapy is injection of sclerosants or solutions into smaller surface varicose veins. These are veins seen by the naked eye such as your spider and reticular veins. Duplex-Guided sclerotherapy is the injection of sclerosants into the larger diseased superficial veins not seen on the surface such as your trunk veins and their tributaries. All sclerosants work by irritating the lining of the vein wall. In response, the veins collapse and are reabsorbed by the immune system.