Cellulite Reduction: EndyMedPro® 3DEEP™
To treat lax skin and cellulite, Dr. Warren uses thermal energy to reach the collagen located in the dermis and in the perilobular connective tissue in the sub-dermal layer, which is something certain types of radio frequency energy can do. The heat penetration achieved by EndyMed’s proprietary 3DEEP™ RF technology reaches into the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers to provide effective collagen tightening and remodeling. The effects of dermal heating include an immediate effect on collagen structure via the stimulation of neocollagenesis. The 3DEEP™ technology developed by EndyMed controls the power and depth of RF energy delivered to the skin, which is what makes it extremely effective.

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The unique, FDA cleared EndyMedPro™ 3DEEP™ technology is an innovative multi-source radio frequency technology that delivers controlled, focused RF energy deep into the skin, without any pain or risk, reactivating the skins' natural collagen production. By focusing RF energy deep within the dermis, 3DEEP stimulates collagen renewal without overheating the epidermis, eliminating any potential side effects and the need for cooling.    Learn More 

FAQ: Cellulite Reduction: EndyMedPro® 3DEEP™

EndyMedPro™ 3DEEP™ targeted skin therapy implements the interaction of multiple energy sources for controlled delivery of energy to the dermis and hypodermis. The unique energy delivery mode minimizes the risk to the skin surface or surrounding tissue for an optimal aesthetic result. Selective phase-controlled heat delivery to the collagen fibers results in an immediate skin tightening followed by a second stage of collagen remodeling for anti-wrinkle effect.
Your skin may be pink for a short period after treatment but this will quickly fade.
A 3DEEP™ treatment can produce effective results on your tummy, hips, thighs and flanks (area between the last rib and the hip).
Due to the advanced technology of the 3DEEP™ handpiece, there is a gradual, gentle heating of the skin that most of our patients say is very relaxing.
You can expect little to no recovery time. You may experience redness of the skin around the treatment site, but this is a temporary side effect that will lessen in a few days. You may resume normal activities immediately following your treatment.
You can return to your normal activities as no special after-treatment care is necessary. The rapid contraction of collagen fibers will make your skin look firmer, but the benefits of treatment are progressive. You will generally notice the greatest benefit within 2-to-3 months after a series of treatments.
All skin tones from fair to dark tones or tanned skin can be treated with 3DEEP™.
You should NOT receive 3DEEP™ treatments if: ► You have epilepsy ► You have been fitted with a pacemaker ► You have metal implants in your body, including dental implants ► You are pregnant or breast-feeding ► You have a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring