The FotoFacial Procedure

What is a FotoFacial Intense Pulse Light?

A machine which emits intense pulse light and radio frequency energy to penetrate all levels of the skin, causing collagen and blood vessels beneath the skin to constrict.


What can it treat?

Many skin conditions can be overcome with FotoFacials including:
1. Pigmented lesions
2. Sun spots
3. Age spots
4. Rosacea/Red Complexion
5. Broken blood vessels.

Treatments can be used on any area of the skin but the best results are generally received when performing fotofacials to the face, neck and chest.

What is the procedure?

Each fotofacial takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Minor discomfort, described as similar to the feeling of a rubberband snapping against the skin may be felt during treatment. Cool air added to area treated helps with anesthesia. There is usually no downtime, although redness may occur following treatment lasting less than 24 hours in most patients. For optimal results, most patients will require a series of treatments, (5-7) in 2-4 week intervals. Maintenance sessions every 6-12 months are suggested to maintain these results.