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After the birth of a child, the skin of the mother is naturally stretched. Even if most mothers have the ability to drop the baby weight and to religiously perform the stomach crunches, the bulge around the stomach, as well as the stretched vagina skin of these mothers, tends not to budge. This is because during pregnancy, the belly is the most stretched-out muscle and skin. Childbirth also tends to have a great impact on the strength of the vaginal tissues and muscles leading to incontinence as well as decreased sexual sensation. Moreover, most of the mothers are even further dismayed when they realize that the changes are likely to result in the droopy or sagging appearance of the labia. According to most mothers, stretched skin, especially around the vagina is associated with several side effects such as decreased sensitivity, incontinence and decreased pleasure.

Due to the pregnancy, most mothers experience urinary incontinence and this problem is likely to continue even after childbirth. Urinary incontinence refers to the involuntary loss of urine. After childbirth, urinary incontinence occurs since the delivery weakens the floor muscles of the pelvis thus making the muscles stretch and the bladder to become overactive. Due to the stretched skin and the urinary incontinence, mothers tend to seek treatment to regain the previous state of their bodies before pregnancy. The stretched vaginal skin can also lead to decreased sexual satisfaction as well as diminished sensation during sexual intercourse. Since children are the apple of the eye for every mother, having them should not change your body or the pleasure that you once enjoyed permanently since doctors have come up with a skin tightening procedure through the use of a vaginal rejuvenation technique known as ThermiVa.


ThermiVa refers to a non-surgical, as well as noninvasive, skin tightening treatment for ladies who wish to reclaim the natural beauty of the vagina that childbirth may have taken away. It is the first as well as the only treatment that uses controlled temperature to effectively and safely use radio-frequency energy in tightening the vaginal canal as well as the labia. Through the technology that is also used in “ThermiSmooth” and “ThermiTight,” radio-frequency energy is sent to the required area so as to heat the tissue as well as stimulate collagen of the body. The ThermiVa procedure is carried out in three treatments and the three treatments are scheduled to take three months. ThermiVa has the ability to deliver controlled amounts of radio frequency energy thus shrinking the labia minora and the labia majora, increasing bladder control and moisture as well as tighten the tissues. The tip of the application has a sensor which is responsible for monitoring the temperature closely in real time thus making it safe. After the series of three treatments, the patient is scheduled in 12 to 18 months for their maintenance treatment. The procedure is painless and takes between thirty and forty-five minutes to complete. During the procedure, patients describe a warm sensation but no anesthesia is required. After the procedure, there is no downtime hence the patient has the ability to resume her normal sexual activity immediately.

Although it is normal for intimate areas to be impacted by childbirth, it does not mean that an individual has to live with it. If one is unhappy due to the look of the stretched skin around the vagina, ThermiVa is a fabulous treatment since it is not only possible but it is affordable compared to plastic surgery.

In the world, women are usually impacted by the changes that occur in the vulvovaginal areas after childbirth. Such changes include uneven or sagging labia, less sensation, and incontinence that is likely to occur due to the weakened vaginal muscles and tissues. Doctors who perform skin tightening are happy to announce a solution to these problems through the use of a vaginal rejuvenation option that is not surgical.

According to different studies, it is evident that ThermiVa reduces urinary incontinence, promotes natural lubrication, improves the quality of orgasm and reduces the sagging of skin. During the procedure, the wand is gently passed over the external vulvar tissue and inside the vaginal walls. During the procedure, the external and the internal tissues of the patient are gently and precisely heated through the use of controlled radio-frequency so as to ensure that the tissues contract instantly. Further and more dynamic improvements occur gradually after successive treatments. According to Dr. Joan Warren the safety, privacy, as well as the comfort of the patient are among the major concerns for the doctors in skin tightening hence they strive to ensure the success of the procedure. According to Dr. Warren, this non-surgical procedure takes place in a comfortable examination room where the patient is able to relax and lie back during the treatment. Before the start of the treatment, ultrasound gel is applied as the medium for radio-frequency energy to pass through to the tissue and also for smooth movement of the ThemiVa Wand. The wand is designed to be small and comfortable for the patient as it is moved.

Possible Candidates for ThermiVa

1. Women with labial, external genitalia, laxity
2. Women experiencing vaginal laxity
3. Women with sexual dissatisfaction and orgasmic problems
4. Women with urinary incontinence
5. Women who experience vaginal dryness
6. Women suffering from pelvic prolapsed.

The Possibility and Affordability of ThermiVa

As stated earlier, ThermiVa procedures are not only possible but also affordable. According to Dr. Joan Warren of the Vein Institute, the ThermiVa procedure may be significantly less expensive than other Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures with Lasers. This is because the single use wand/hand piece is disposable making for a clean tight treatment. The growth of ThermiVa is so rapid across the world since it is affordable and fits the gynecologist’s and other medical practices in a better way than the lasers systems, thus making many medical providers opt for ThermiVa for skin tightening. The procedure may be safer than some surgical procedures since no major adverse complications or reactions are associated with it. Additionally, unlike plastic surgery — which is conducted in a special room with signage, smoke evacuators or laser glasses — ThermiVa procedures do not require a special room and can be conducted in the examination room, thus making it more affordable. During the procedure, a button is pressed to start it, to lower or raise the temperature and it utilizes a simple and disposable wand. Unlike plastic surgery, ThermiVa uses super simple controls hence there is no need to worry about patterns, depth of penetration, the size of the spot and the watts that a laser requires. Additionally, the ThermiVa is convenient as compared to plastic surgery since the procedure uses a single wand, there is no cleaning of the wand, there is no cross contamination and there is no sharing of the vaginal hand pieces. It is also convenient in that there is no downtime for switching from external to internal laser hand pieces so treatment and the procedure is seamless.

While plastic surgery may require the use of anesthesia, ThermiVa does not require any type of anesthesia. The Laser systems do not require anesthesia for internal vaginal treatments. However, systems are likely to require anesthesia cream during the treatment of the labia majora as well as the vaginal opening. The treatment does not cause any pain since the feeling is compared to that of a warm stone massage. Due to zero downtime for the ThermiVa procedure, the patient can go to the gym or even engage in sexual intercourse immediately after undergoing the treatment. The procedure is also not associated with any abnormal discharge after the treatment.

Other Benefits of ThermiVa

According to Dr. Warren, the results for the ThermiVa procedures are excellent since almost all patients who undergo these procedures testify to having high satisfaction. Most patients claim that the procedures do more than just tighten the feminine structure but address the whole spectrum of feminine rejuvenation. After undergoing the procedures, the pelvic discomfort as well as the pain from dryness or atrophy tend to improve. Patients who have been experiencing atrophic vaginitis in the past should have improved moisture due to the evenly treated vaginal tissue. For those who suffer from orgasmic dysfunction, the ThermiVa procedure helps increase sensitivity with increased blood flow which helps to improve orgasmic response.

Precautions When Using ThermiVa

The application of ThermiVa uses radio-frequency energy to heat tissue gently. This procedure is not applicable to pregnant patients, nor patients with urinary tract infection. Patients should not have a skin infection around or in the area under treatment. Before embarking on this treatment, the treating physician will assess and obtain a history and physical, possibly require additional testing. Some of the expected side effects of this procedure include short term swelling, redness and pain in the procedure area.

Rejuvenate, Don’t Operate!

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